Passionate About Inspiring Others

Neuroscience-based learnings on how our brain functions provides an understanding of why we think, feel and act the way we do under given circumstances or facing different individuals.

Neurocognitive Behaviour Approach teaches us ADAPTIVE INTELLIGENCE.

We develop our ability to be resourceful and keep our inner calm under stressful and complex situations.

Neurocognitive Behaviour Approach associated to Sophrology have boosted my potential

towards self-confidence and efficiency benefiting both my personal and professional lives.

  • I'm a Certified consultant in ANC from INC.

  • I'm a Certified Professional Trainer from IFFP Lausanne.

  • I'm a Certified Sophrologist from Energy Centre Geneva.

  • I hold a Masters in Finance from ESG Paris.

  • I hold a BA in Management & Business Administration from Reading University, UK.